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158 Days Countdown & Day 23 of Blogging, Scientific Method and Kaizen

158 days from now is my birthday.

Today’s the 23rd day of utilizing the scientific method, kaizen, and blogging.

Today’s the 14th day of writing on 3 * 5 index cards.

I will execute the scientific method on:

“STEP OR STAGE #1 of the Scientific Method


“Other scientific method observations, such as:

– What is the relationship between archetypes and myths?
– What is a supposition?

– What is the difference between the conscious mind and the subconscious/unconscious mind?
– Is there a real difference between the subconscious and the unconscious mind?


– What is a challenge?

noun: challenge; plural noun: challenges
  1. 1.
    a call to take part in a contest or competition, especially a duel.
    “he accepted the challenge”
    synonyms: dare, provocation;

    “he accepted the challenge”
    • a task or situation that tests someone’s abilities.
      “the ridge is a challenge for experienced climbers”
      synonyms: problem, difficult task, test, trial

      “it was proving quite a challenge”
    • an attempt to win a contest or championship in a sport.
      “a world title challenge”
  2. 2.
    an objection or query as to the truth of something, often with an implicit demand for proof.
    “a challenge to the legality of the order”
    synonyms: test, questioning, dispute, stand, opposition, confrontation

    “a challenge to his leadership”
    • a sentry’s call for a password or other proof of identity.
    • LAW
      an objection regarding the eligibility or suitability of a jury member.
  3. 3.
    exposure of the immune system to pathogenic organisms or antigens.
    “recently vaccinated calves should be protected from challenge”
verb: challenge; 3rd person present: challenges; past tense: challenged; past participle: challenged; gerund or present participle: challenging
  1. 1.
    invite (someone) to engage in a contest.
    “he challenged one of my men to a duel”
    • enter into competition with or opposition against.
      “incumbent Democrats are being challenged in the 29th district”
    • make a rival claim to or threaten someone’s hold on (a position).
      “they were challenging his leadership”
    • invite (someone) to do something that one thinks will be difficult or impossible; dare.
      “I challenged them to make up their own minds”
    • test the abilities of.
      “he needed something both to challenge his skills and to regain his crown as the king of the thriller”
      synonyms: test, tax, strain, make demands on; More

  2. 2.
    dispute the truth or validity of.
    “employees challenged the company’s requirement”
    synonyms: question, disagree with, dispute, take issue with, protest against, call into question,object to

    “we challenged their statistics”
    • LAW
      object to (a jury member).
    • (of a sentry) call on (someone) for proof of identity.
  3. 3.
    expose (the immune system) to pathogenic organisms or antigens.
Middle English (in the senses ‘accusation’ and ‘accuse’): from Old French chalenge (noun), chalenger(verb), from Latin calumnia ‘calumny,’ calumniari ‘calumniate.’




– What is a pattern?

noun: pattern; plural noun: patterns
  1. 1.
    a repeated decorative design.
    “a neat blue herringbone pattern”
    synonyms: design, decoration, motif, marking, ornament, ornamentation

    “the pattern on the wallpaper”
  2. 2.
    a model or design used as a guide in needlework and other crafts.
    synonyms: sample, specimen, swatch

    “textile patterns”
    • a set of instructions to be followed in making a sewn or knitted item.
    • a wooden or metal model from which a mold is made for a casting.
    • an example for others to follow.
      “he set the pattern for subsequent study”
    • a sample of cloth or wallpaper.
      synonyms: sample, specimen, swatch

      “textile patterns”
verb: pattern; 3rd person present: patterns; past tense: patterned; past participle: patterned; gerund or present participle: patterning
  1. 1.
    decorate with a recurring design.
    “rosebud patterned wallpapers”
    synonyms: decorated, ornamented, fancy, adorned, embellished

    “patterned glassware”
    antonyms: plain
  2. 2.
    give a regular or intelligible form to.
    “the brain not only receives information, but interprets and patterns it”
    synonyms: shape, influence, model, fashion, mold, style, determine, control

    “someone else is patterning my life”
    • give something a form based on that of (something else).
      “the clothing is patterned on athletes’ wear”
Middle English patron ‘something serving as a model,’ from Old French (see patron). The change in sense is from the idea of a patron giving an example to be copied. Metathesis in the second syllable occurred in the 16th century By 1700 patron ceased to be used of things, and the two forms became differentiated in sense.

“Unusual results”
“Thorns in flesh”
– working w/ lazy people
“Experiments needed”
“Problematic situations”
“Listen to others”
“Unexpected failures”


On to doing kaizen. p. 48 of ‘One Small Step Can Change Your Life’

“What’s one thing I wish to contribute to the world with my book, poem, song, or painting?” (Day 23)
– w/ my app?

“Whom could I ask for help or inspiration?” (Day 22)

“What is special about my creative process/talents/business team?” (Day 21)
What is special about my talent of developing software?

“What type of work would excite and fulfill me?” (Day 20)

p. 56

“What is one thing I like about myself today?” (Day 19)

p. 62

“If I were guaranteed not to fail, what would I be doing differently?” (Day 18)

“If you are trying to reach a specific goal, ask yourself every day: What is one small step I could take toward reaching my goal?” (Day 17)
What is one small step I could take toward reaching my goal?

“What is one small step I could take to improve my health (or relationships, or career, or any other area)?” (Day 16)
What is one small step I could take to improve my career?
– Write on 3 * 5 index cards notes on applying the scientific method on applying The 2-Hour Job Search: Using Technology to Get the Right Job Faster
“Is there a person at work or in my personal life whose voice and input I haven’t heard in a long time? What small question could I ask this person?” (Day 15)


“What’s one good thing about this person?” (Day 14)

“What is one small thing that is special about me (or my spouse, or my organization)?” (Day 13)

p. 79

“1. Isolate a task either that you are afraid to do or that makes you uncomfortable. Try to give yourself at least a month before you actually have to perform this activity.” (Day 12)
– Learning Javascript through

2. “Decide how many seconds you’re willing to devote to mind sculpture for this task each day. Make sure you allot seconds, not minutes or hours; the time commitment should be so low that you can easily fulfill its requirements every single day. Repetition is important.” (Day 11)
– 60 seconds.
– Then once I reach 60 seconds, increase 1 second each day and stop at 01:59 minutes.

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