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169 Days Countdown & Day 12 of Blogging, Scientific Method and Kaizen

169 days from now is my birthday.

Today’s the 12th day of utilizing the scientific method, kaizen, and blogging.
“STEP OR STAGE #1 of the Scientific Method


“Scientific Method Lesson:

Where Does Problem Origination
or Discovery Begin?

The answer is “no particular place.” Some of the more typical instances are:

Things that you feel might fill a need – or that irritate or perplex you.”

What are the things that you feel might fill a need?

What might fill a need?

What is a need?


noun: need; plural noun: needs
circumstances in which something is necessary, or that require some course of action; necessity.
“the basic human need for food”
synonyms: necessity, obligation, requirement, call, demand
“there’s no need to apologize”
a thing that is wanted or required.
“his day-to-day needs”
synonyms: requirement, essential, necessity, want, requisite, prerequisite, demand, desideratum
“basic human needs”
the state of requiring help, or of lacking basic necessities such as food.
“help us in our hour of need”
synonyms: neediness, want, poverty, deprivation, privation, hardship, destitution, indigence
“their need was particularly pressing”
difficulty, trouble, distress;
crisis, emergency, urgency, extremity
“my hour of need”
needy, necessitous, deprived, disadvantaged, underprivileged, poor, impoverished, poverty-stricken, destitute, impecunious, indigent;
formal penurious
“these children are in need”


Old English nēodian (verb), nēod, nēd (noun), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch nood and German Not ‘danger.’

What are the things that irritate you?

verb: irritate; 3rd person present: irritates; past tense: irritated; past participle: irritated; gerund or present participle: irritating
make (someone) annoyed, impatient, or angry.
“his tone irritated her”
synonyms: annoy, vex, make angry, make cross, anger, exasperate, irk, gall, pique, nettle, put out, antagonize, get on someone’s nerves, try someone’s patience, ruffle someone’s feathers, make someone’s hackles rise; infuriate, madden, provoke, pester, rub the wrong way; informal aggravate, hassle, miff, rile, needle, get to, bug, get in someone’s hair, get under someone’s skin, get someone’s dander up, rattle someone’s cage, get/put someone’s back up, drive mad/crazy, drive someone around the bend, drive up the wall, drive bananas, tee off, tick off, burn up, rankle, ride
“they seem to enjoy irritating me”
annoyed, cross, angry, vexed, exasperated, irked, piqued, nettled, put out, fed up, disgruntled, in a bad mood, in a temper, testy, in a huff, huffy, aggrieved;
irate, infuriated, incensed;
informal aggravated, peeved, miffed, mad, riled, hot under the collar, teed off, ticked off, PO’d, sore;
archaic wroth
“we had never before seen the commissioner so irritated”
antonyms: pacify, good-humored
cause inflammation or other discomfort in (a part of the body).
synonyms: inflame, aggravate; More
antonyms: soothe
stimulate (an organism, cell, or organ) to produce an active response.

mid 16th century (in the sense ‘excite, provoke’): from Latin irritat- ‘irritated,’ from the verb irritare .

Lazy people.

What are the things that perplex you?

verb: perplex; 3rd person present: perplexes; past tense: perplexed; past participle: perplexed; gerund or present participle: perplexing
(of something complicated or unaccountable) cause (someone) to feel completely baffled.
“she was perplexed by her husband’s moodiness”
synonyms: puzzle, baffle, mystify, bemuse, bewilder, confound, confuse, disconcert, dumbfound, throw, throw/catch off balance, exercise, worry; informal flummox, be all Greek to, stump, bamboozle, floor, beat, faze, fox; informal discombobulate
“the bizarre notes left at each of these crime scenes perplexed us”
puzzling, baffling, mystifying, mysterious, bewildering, confusing, disconcerting, worrying, unaccountable, difficult to understand, beyond one, paradoxical, peculiar, funny, strange, weird, odd
“he was famous for solving the most perplexing cases”
complicate or confuse (a matter).
“they were perplexing a subject plain in itself”


late 15th century (as the adjective perplexed ): from the obsolete adjective perplex ‘bewildered,’ from Latin perplexus ‘entangled,’ based on plexus ‘interwoven,’ from the verb plectere .

On to doing kaizen. p. 48 of ‘One Small Step Can Change Your Life’

“What’s one thing I wish to contribute to the world with my book, poem, song, or painting?” (Day 12)
– w/ my app? Ability to be happy.

“Whom could I ask for help or inspiration?” (Day 11)
– Read books of authors on happiness. For ex., Aristotle.

“What is special about my creative process/talents/business team?” (Day 10)
What is special about my talent of developing software?
– I get to satisfy my curiosity.

“What type of work would excite and fulfill me?” (Day 9)
– Computer programming.

p. 56

“What is one thing I like about myself today?” (Day 8)
– I was assertive.
p. 62

“If I were guaranteed not to fail, what would I be doing differently?” (Day 7)

“If you are trying to reach a specific goal, ask yourself every day: What is one small step I could take toward reaching my goal?” (Day 6)
What is one small step I could take toward reaching my goal?

“What is one small step I could take to improve my health (or relationships, or career, or any other area)?” (Day 5)
What is one small step I could take to improve my career?
– Write notes on 3 * 5 index cards on how to improve my career.

“Is there a person at work or in my personal life whose voice and input I haven’t heard in a long time? What small question could I ask this person?” (Day 4)

“What’s one good thing about this person?” (Day 3)

“What is one small thing that is special about me (or my spouse, or my organization)?” (Day 2)
– I’m creative.

p. 79

“1. Isolate a task either that you are afraid to do or that makes you uncomfortable. Try to give yourself at least a month before you actually have to perform this activity.” (Day 1)
– Learning Javascript.

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